Self-Confrontation helps you examine your life in the light of Scripture and find answers for endurance, and meaningful lasting change

Self-Confrontation is a 24 week course broken into two semesters.

We will begin the first semester Thursday, January 4, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.
Location is TBD.  Childcare Provided.

This course will present life changing biblical principles and guidance for overcoming life’s problems. By presenting you with God’s standard and biblical truths found in Scripture, it will increase your spiritual maturity and give you tools to help you confront failures and shortcomings. Self-Confrontation will help teach you how to face, deal with, and endure any difficulty in life in light of God’s perfect standard as revealed in Jesus Christ and God’s Word. In addition to helping your deal with your own life, this course will teach you how to disciple others in a biblical manner for living victoriously in all circumstances. Cost for materials is $25.

Keep your ears open for the update of where our meetings will take place.

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