Elders (or pastors) are biblically qualified men who oversee the local church, particularly through teaching God’s Word, praying, caring for church members, and training members to do the work of ministry. These are the men our congregation has recognized as elders.

– Ephesians 4; 1 Timothy 3:2-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Peter 5:1-3



Jose Ruiz

Jose came to saving faith in Christ at the age of 17, after a radical conversion experience from hearing the simple gospel, that Christ died to reconcile sinners to a thrice holy God. 

Having no Christian upbringing Jose was hungry for God's word and was guided by mature believers from different traditions at a Christian Bookstore where he worked. This led to his love of theology, apologetics, and evangelism. 

Jose has served in ministry as a song leader in a Spanish church, Interpreter, Sunday school teacher, and Youth minister, eventually becoming a teaching pastor at Gateway Community Church in Alhambra, CA for approximately 10 years. 

As someone that is a churchman, Jose has always served in different capacities in the churches he's been a part of as an active member in the local church. 

Jose has been married to his lovely wife Becky since February 2000, and they have raised two sons in the church that both serve alongside their dad at Pillar Church of 29 Palms. 

Jose has been a founding member of Pillar Church since March 25, 2018, and was unanimously voted for Pastor/Elder along with two other men on December 19, 2021. 

Jose loves the art of magic and enjoys performing magic shows. He enjoys collecting playing cards, coin collecting, and acquiring premium and rebound bibles.